Spicy Jicama Strings

Spicy Jicama Strings

Inspiralized Recipe Review: Spicy Jicama Strings


It was certainly a learning adventure trying to make these spicy jicama strings. First, I learned that Walmart does not carry jicama where I live. Then, I had to try and guess what size a medium jicama would be. Winco, the store I finally found them in, had jicamas ranging from the size of a tennis ball to even having one as large as a soccer ball. For reference, I decided that a grapefruit-sized jicama would probably be the right size. I also learned the hard way that they should be refrigerated if you want to wait a few days after purchase to make this recipe.

Purchasing a jicama was new to me since I had not eaten jicama since I was a child. Even then, we only ate it very occasionally on sandwiches. Since I don’t eat lunchmeat anymore I never really thought of buying a jicama at the store because I didn’t really know what to do with one . . . until now.

The seasoning blend for this recipe is smokey and spicy. This pairs nicely with the crisp, slightly sweet, freshness of the jicama. It was fairly quick and simple to spiralize the jicama, toss with oil, and season. The hard part was getting the jicama strings to be crispy without burning them.

The final thing I learned while making this recipe, was that jicamas are mostly water. This is an issue when trying to make something crispy. They also shrink quite a bit when cooking. The small bowl of crispy (well, as crispy as I could get them) jicama strings pictured are actually all that the recipe made. They also do not stay crispy for long after cooking so they could work for a snack at home but would not work well to make for guests, pack in lunches, or bring to parties.

In the end, these spicy jicama strings were tasty but I am not sure if they were worth it. Jicamas surprisingly are close in nutritional value to potatoes. That being said, I feel that potatoes would have crisped up better for this recipe. Not to mention that potatoes are significantly cheaper. The spice blend was good and it was fun to try something new but, unfortunately, this recipe won’t be one that I will be making again.


Spicy Jicama Strings Ratings:

Difficulty: Medium. (simple to prep, difficult to get crunchiness right)

Did my toddlers like it? No, it was too spicy.

Was it worth my time? not really

Will I make it again? No

Overall: 2 out of 5 stars


This recipe can be found on page 164 of Inspiralized: Turn Vegetables into Healthy, Creative, Satisfying Meals


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