Spring Veggie Pot Pie

Spring Veggie Pot Pie

350 Best Vegan Recipes: Review #1


Making the spring veggie pot pies took a bit longer than a normal everyday dinner, but the result was so worth it. The taste alone was amazing not to mention that it made so much that I was able to eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner for 5 days. Usually when I have this amount of left overs I am thankful when it is finally gone but I was actually wishing I had more! I know better than to make such a great recipe again right away (so I don’t get worn out on the taste then never make it again.) However, I will be making this impressive dish again for Mother’s Day.

The crust is simple yet impressive. The addition of fresh thyme contributes a delicious flavor to the flaky crust. I know that a crust made of mostly, vegan margarine, vegan shortening, and flour isn’t exactly healthy. However, the crust in this pot pie is only thinly placed over the top. Practically everything else in the spring veggie pot pie is vegetables.

Even though the recipe states that you can use any vegetables in season, I would recommend making it exactly as it is written the first time around just so you know what the goal taste and texture is. Most of the vegetables that it calls for are in season year round anyways such as frozen peas, frozen edamame, red potatoes, and mushrooms.

The only thing listed that is more expensive depending on the time of year is asparagus. In order to have asparagus, one my favorite vegetables, inexpensive year round, I usually buy in bulk when it is on sale, wash the asparagus spears, trim the ends, then freeze it.


Spring Veggie Pot Pie Ratings:

Difficulty: Medium but it takes more time than one would think

Did my toddlers like it: They thought it was delicious

Will I make it again: Yes!

Overall: 5 out of 5


This recipe can be found on page 188 of 350 Best Vegan Recipes

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